CIP – Sofia Beck

I chose Congenital Insensitivity to Pain because I thought that it was an intriguing condition that many people may think of as an advantage. CIP is a condition that prevents someone the ability to feel physical pain. I feel connected to this condition because when I was little, I would hear about people who couldn’t feel pain and wondered if such condition really existed.  When I found out that Congenital Insensitivity to Pain really did exist, I began to wonder how people with CIP had gone through simple tasks in their daily lives. This made me reflect about how different our lives are to theirs. Also, this is an important topic that we need to be aware of and be informed about because we may encounter someone who has this condition. Teenagers who have CIP have to identify an injury in a way other than pain, hence, they have to check themselves often to make sure they protect their health. Additionally, a teenager living with CIP may not have the opportunity to be as carefree and adventurous as someone without it because of the health risks involved. CIP affects teenagers who not only have this condition but also the people around them as they have to be constantly aware and mindful of  their actions to avoid causing any injuries.

This has changed my thinking immensely because before I researched about it, I thought that it was an advantage to not feel pain. But, I realized that people with CIP have to be very careful and learn to function differently than we do. Because of the fact that they are unable to feel when they injure themselves,  people with CIP are also more prone to severe infections and diseases. Their everyday lives and the things they have to go through are definitely not an advantage. As a result, I have ironically become grateful that I have a sense of feeling and pain. In conclusion, Congenital Insensitivity to Pain shows us that there is a reason that we feel pain, and this it is an essential human need.

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