Ebola – Health Buzz – Jaree

Ebola is right now one of the biggest outbreaks in virus history, and it’s important we know. You may think Ebola is no danger to us and this is useless, but you are wrong. Ebola spreads everywhere, and Airports have done their job making sure no quarantined passengers get into the city. This is very important because, and I will say this in all caps, EBOLA HAS NO CURE. Yep, the most deadly virus of all time HAS NO CURE. This may affect teenagers because we all travel a lot to our home countries, and to different islands on vacation. You should always look in the airport for those warning messages for Ebola. If you do end up seeing it, make sure to take precautions to always wash your hands and avoid touching things unnessesarely because Ebola spreads through the touch of bodily liquids, meaning any liquid can be infected if touched by an Ebola patient or mized with a bodily fluid from an Ebola patient.


What I have learned about this issue is that Ebola is one of the biggest pandemics in history, but it first infected African Towns quickly killing all nearby towns. It was named Ebola for the river it grew up near, The Ebola River. My thinking has changed deeply because of Ebola because we cannot stop this with any injections or shots, we simply have to dodge and avoid. Ebola can be fatal within 10-16 days of it’s first symptoms, and this can lead to Blood-Filled Vomiting, Diarrhea and very likely Death. This influences my thinking in Wellness Class because now that Ebola cannot be stopped, it makes me look at other post-viruses and to see how those were stopped. Even though Ebola has been far worse, I begin to wonder what they did on the Black Death Virus and many other pandemics, which put a stop to it.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGyFhwdtCMk