OCD – Sydney

I chose to do my research on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder because it is a common issue that affects many people.  I am connected to this disorder because it is an interesting topic that has always fascinated me and made me wonder the reason why people want everything so orderly and perfect.  It is important to know about this topic because people around us have this disorder, and we should know the symptoms of it.  The impact of OCD on adolescents/teenagers is that they may become socially awkward, their grades might suffer, and in some cases, depression might develop.


OCD is a brain disorder that is the result of severe anxiety to those affected.  It is a combination of both obsessions and compulsions that waste time and intercept activities that the person values.  Some common obsessions include contamination, perfectionism, and harm.  Some common compulsions include washing/cleaning, constant checking, and repetition.  If you were a victim of OCD, you would replay of a certain thought or image over and over again.  No matter what you did to try to get that image out of your mind, you couldn’t because of your disorder.  You would constantly be trying to escape your own thoughts and anxiety so that for once, you could be worry-free.  Before I started this project, I had the misconception of OCD being an untreatable disorder that all neat-freaks had.  Afterwards, I realized that the obsession of cleanliness is just one component of having OCD.  Also, I learned that this common disorder is treatable by a face-your-fears therapy and/or medications.


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