Lucid Dreaming-Lorenzo

I chose to study lucid dreaming because I was amazed by how one actually has the ability to control his or her own dreams. I feel connected to this issue because someday, when I have the time, I want to practice and learn how to achieve lucid dreaming. Learning about lucid dreaming expanded my learning because it is a term that I had never heard about before. Additionally, this issue was relevant to me because I am a big fan of the movie “Inception”, and lucid dreaming is a term very relevant to that movie. Finally, lucid dreaming affects teenagers as some teenagers will have the ability to achieve lucid dreaming and impact their own lives.

I learned that lucid dreaming is the ability to control your own dreams. It transforms your dream world into an authentic reality where everything you see, hear, feel, taste, and smell seems real. There are multiple steps that one can take to become a lucid dreamer. First, recording dreams in a notebook helps a person recall dreams and improves lucidity. Second, one should perform reality checks every day so that when he or she dreams it becomes a habit and the person will be able to determine whether a dream is real or not. Third, before one goes to bed the person should repeatedly say out loud “I will have a lucid dream” to increase the chance of having a lucid dream. My thinking about lucid dreaming has changed a lot through my research. When my teacher first told me that people can achieve the ability to control their own dreams I did not believe her. Now I realize that lucid dreaming is in fact a real issue and can actually be performed. Regarding wellness, I now understand how people can affect their own health by getting more control of their dreams.

Alessandro – The Placebo Effect

I chose the Placebo Effect because I was really fascinated by how humans explore so many stuff while they till need to explore their bodies and brains. I feel that this effect is relevant and important to everyone because if you think about it, it can change medicine and lead to new discoveries. This can affect more than teenagers, it can affect everyone from the day they become intelligent and can walk and talk. The Placebo Effect for example is that, if someone has a headache and you take a pill or a tablet, and you tell them that it will cure whatever they are feeling and if they believe it, it actually happens. The Placebo Effect is the thing that makes it happen. Even more than headaches! This just proves how much the brain can heal by itself and that we do not need some of the medicines we have now. If only humans could actually tap into their minds then we would probably be much stronger life forms, and don’t forget that evolution can make that better.

I learned that the humans are stronger than even themselves think and that the placebo effect can be expressed in many different ways. You might not even have to buy medicine for your children anymore. What if your children are young and they have headaches or soar throats. Just make something random and SAFE and tell them it will cure them and hey, if they believe it it might just happen. I think that this is a fascinating subject that should be looked into more and should be given more attention. This has changed my thinking in wellness because the placebo can be used in advantage to maybe change peoples habits and cure some of the sick maybe and that wellness just scratches the surface and there are much more medical mysteries that can help the human kind and help them survive and lead on easier