Cerebral Palsy By Morgan

I chose Cerebral Palsy because I find it extremely fascinating and I dont know alot about it and so even though it affects many people not many people actually know about it. Cerebral palsy is a brain disorder. Most people who have it are born with it or develop it very early on. The brain usually tells your body what to do. It tells you to walk and talk and eat. But people with cerebral Palsy can’t do most of those functions because their brain doesn’t communicate to their muscles. They are usually in a wheelchair and can not walk, talk or do most of anything by themselves. There are three types of Cerebral Palsy 1) Spastic. People with spastic palsy cannot relax their muscles and most of their muscles are really tense. 2) Athetoid.  People with Athetoid Palsy usually have sudden motions in their arms or legs like twitching and jerking which they cannot control  3) Ataxic Palsy cause imbalance and very bad coordination. So people who have Ataxic Palsy might seem really shaky when they move. Some people might not be able to walk  or talk and need care their whole entire life while others might not need any care at all it varies from end to end. People with Cerebral Palsy have it there whole life  and right now there is no cure but there are treatments that can help with movement such as physical therapy and surgery.

I learned that Cerebral Palsy is a brain disorder that makes it so most people can’t control their muscles there are three types that vary and that some people might not need care most of their lives while others do. there is no cure but there are treatments to help. Cerebral Palsy affects 1 child in 323 every year. I now know more abut one of the biggest childhood disabilities even though no one really knows about it many people have it and it is one of the worst childhood disabilities. I think that people should be more aware of what others are going through and when they see someone with Cerebral Palsy they shouldn’t think differently about them. Cerebral Palsy is a brain disorder that can not be cured and affects many children in todays world.cerebral-palsy-Small

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