Phobias – Carol

I chose this topic because phobias are very usual and even I have it, and lots of people sometimes are unable to overcome it, so I chose this in order to explain thoroughly what phobias are so that people can overcome them when they fully understand that phobias are actually really nothing to be afraid of.

I learned that a phobia is an intense fear of something that poses little or no threat to people, but it might put the mental health of the person with the phobia in some danger. People have phobias of things that does little or no harm to the person, but they are still afraid of it for some unreasonable reason they are unable to explain. Some common phobias include claustrophobia, fear of small spaces; Acrophobia or Altophobia, fear of heights; Arachnephobia or Arachnophobia, fear of spiders; Entomophobia or Insectophobia, fear of insects, and many more interesting and somewhat “dumb” phobias.  If you have a phobia, you’ll realize sooner or later that phobias are so unrealistic that they will forget about it later and have no phobia of that object, action, or special occurrences. Another way to get rid of phobias is to try to get used to the phobia through experiencing the phobia lots of times, or just don’t try to do anything that might trigger phobias anyway. I think the best way to overcome phobias is to use self-help strategies and therapies.


“Dreaming” By: Slava Gulyamov

I chose dreaming as my topic, because all of us can see dreams, but not all really know how they form and why. On top of that, I need to say, that I always thought that dreaming is very exсiting, and interesting. Firstly what is a dream? Dreams are images of different ideas, object, or emotions that the human may see in the certain stage of sleep.The dreams are happening during the REM- rapid-eye movment, so your brain is very active during that time. Sometimes dreams occur during other sleep stages, but those once are much less vivid, and pretty memorable. Average people have 5 to 6 dreams each night, others have up to seven dreams. However there are many kinds of dreams such are magical, exciting, frightening etc. For the most part the dreams can not be controlled, exept for the once that are called lucid dreaming.

I learned that human sees dreams, even though he can not remeber that, on top of that I learned that nightmares are actyually good for your mental health. The first recording of the dream, was 5000 years ago by Greeks and Romans. They believed that dreams are messages from future. Overall, I think that this is very exciting theme, and I really enjoy it. Before I used to think that we see dreams just because we are ment to, now I know that our brain pruduces this pictures, and that the dream may last couple of seconds!