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You will be contributing to the class blog about Wellness issues and interests. This blog post should be broken down into two paragraphs and include a relevant image:

Paragraph ONE

  • What is the issue or topic all about?
  • Why did you choose this issue?  
  • What did you know already?  
  • What are your connections? How does it connect to previous learning?
  • How is this issue relevant? Why is it important?
  • How does/can  it affect teenagers?

Paragraph TWO

  • What did you learn about this issue?
  • How did it expand your learning?
  • What is your thinking/opinion about this issue?
  • What was interesting/surprising/unexpected?
  • How has your thinking changed?  How can it be applied to new situations?
  • What are some misunderstandings about this topic?
  • What are some problems/solutions of this issue?  
  • How does this influence your thinking about wellness?


  • Include an appropriate image with an explanation about how it relates to your issue.

Instructions for posting:

  • Go into your GOOGLE CLASSROOM


  • Open up the HEALTH BUZZ POST
  • Create a “New Document” inside the Health Buzz post and name it – BLOG POST
  • Answer the questions above and don’t forget to include an appropriate image
  • Attach your presentation to the Health Buzz post as well
  • Turn it in!


* You can post your power point/video/link if you like


Part 2: Individual Presentation to the Class

You are then to create a visual presentation to the class (powerpoint, video, prezzie,etc) that will help teach the class what you have learned about your topic.

Tips for Success

  1. The powerpoint/presentation should limit the amount of text (use question prompts)
  2. It should be unique and interesting for your peers (please try not to repeat a previous issue)
  3. Please use notecards & lots of visuals (do not read from the screen and avoid a lot of text on the screen)
  4. Explain why you chose it (what’s your personal connection – personal interest, relation, etc)
  5. Explain how the topic relates to wellness (mental, social, physical, environmental, spiritual, emotional)
  6. Include a complete MLA list of sources (bibliography)
  7. Attach final presentation into the “Health Buzz post” in your google classroom


Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 12.20.08 PM
Use this graphic organizer below to help you research and take notes on your topic:

Dates for your Health Buzz Presentations can be found in the Shared Resources under Health Buzz.
Good luck!  Looking forward to the presentations!

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