Child Prodigies- By Lauren

Who is considered a child prodigy?

Child prodigies are people who, at a young age, develop one or more skills, which are far above the norm of their age. In general,  child prodigies are 18 or younger.
How do these children develop such gifts?
Usually, a child prodigy is affected by “Autism”, a mental condition, characterised by lack of of communication, difficulty in forming relationships, and a poor concentration level. These “Wunderkinds” are most likely to be known as “socially-impaired”, but not at all mentally. These autistic-prodigies have a genetic trait, which helps them maintain focus; just know that not all autistic children are prodigies, but almost all prodigies show slight signs of autism.
Why did I pick this topic?
I chose this topic because, I have always been fascinated with amazing capabilities. I have also secretly always wanted to be a child prodigy, despite the autistic traits which come along. Also, many people do not seem to appreciate these people enough. It is definitely a blessing to be known as a child-prodigy, and certainly an honour to meet one.
 Here are some examples of famous people, whom were child prodigies:
Beethoven: Prodigy in music
Mozart- Prodigy in music
Bobby Fisher- Prodigy in chess
Carl Gauss- Prodigy in math
Pablo Picasso- Prodigy in art
Enrico Fermi- Prodigy in physics
Adora Svitak: Prodigy in literature

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