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My health buzz: ON SKIN ISSUES

Acne is red oily pimples that grow on your skin that are usually on the face.Teenagers develop Acne towards the end of their teenage years and some people at age 12 have already started to develop acne. Some people have worse cases of acne than others, and they need special antibiotics. To prevent acne from getting worse do easy things like washing your face every day, cleaning the oil from your body, and not popping out your pimples. Things like these simple tasks can lead you to not have acne for a long time.


It is important to take care of your skin so you can prevent things like skin cancer. Thousands of americans die each year from skin cancer. Some short term effects may include feeling weary, rashes, and second degree sunburns, Long-term effects may include pain, changes of sexual desire, fatigue, lymphoedem, bone loss and other awful things. To prevent getting skin cancer  do things like not using tanning beds, wear a swim-shirt when swimming, and most importantly,  put on sunscreen. When you don’t put on sunscreen your body gets sunburned which kills the skin and if you keep getting sunburn you may eventually get skin cancer.


I chose the topic of good skin and acne prevention because I myself have sensitive skin because I was born into a family that didn’t have such good skin. I also wanted to address the topic of skin cancer and how it is an important part of our life to prevent it. I don’t want people dying from skin cancer and I think teens need to understand how to handle pressures from others to ‘be tan’ and make good decisions regarding their skin. I learned that some people that didn’t have good skin or died of melanoma because they didn’t take good care of their skin which I hope is an example to other people. I also wanted to inform teens to expect that they will get acne.


My thinking has changed because at first I thought that skin cancer was hard to get, but now I realize how it has became a more common disease: 1 million people die every year from skin cancer in America. Also, I didn’t understand that acne is a huge part of being a Teenager.


My final opinion we should do things like putting on sunscreen more often and that a sunburn may be huge towards skin cancer. The government should make ads that make it look cool to wear sunscreen by making it cool.images-2

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