Policy Statement Review

Here is a copy of the Policy Statement Power Point to help you in crafting your own policy statements.

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Use these questions to help you review your policy statements and check to see that you are on the right track:

1. Paragraph 1 – Background

  • Have I mentioned the historical background of the issue?
  • Have I talked about the global impact of this issue?
  • Have I talked about how long the issue has been going on for?
  • Have treaties been signed already?
  • Have I mentioned how this issue relates to any of the 3 Fundamental Principles of the UN?

2. Paragraph 2 – Country Stance

  • Have I mentioned the concerns of my country?
  • Have I mentioned treaties or big ideas my country has supported for this issue?
  • Have I mentioned any solutions or efforts already tried by my country?
  • Have I mentioned which fundamental principle my country is concerned with with regard to the issue?

3. Paragraph 3 – Diplomacy Building

  • Have I mentioned that my country is committed to a solution?
  • Have I built trust and diplomacy through this paragraph?


Here is a scaffolded document to help you if you’re stuck or struggling with how to start.

REMEMBER to use your MUN Delegate packet as well as it will help you in your writing!

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