Dhendup, Global warming

Global warming is a world wide problem that is growing and getting more and more powerful. It affects teenagers a lot because global warming is a long term problem that will last of ever. It is when the air pollution causes a blockage in the ozone layer which does notĀ aloud the uv rays off the sun to go back out. This causes the earths temperature to rise which is causing the melting off the polar caps. The main problems are pollution and waste global warming has started to melt our polar ice caps causing the seas and oceans to rise. Also it has created a gray layer of air pollution all over the world. This growing threat is important because when the ozone layer breaks all life will die because the suns harmful rays will be strong.\ I have learnt about the process of global warming and how it affects teenagers. I have also learnt about how it works and why it impacts us. I think there are not enough people trying to stop this. Global warming grows and takes time to build up. There fore use teenagers will have to deal with it in the near future but on a much more dangerous and life threatening level. I have not really changed my thinking as i was aware of this problem. This picture shows the world slowly turning into a hot sun like place and I think this is what will happen if the ozone layer is brokenGlobal-Warming-Wide-HD1

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