Anabelle- ALS

ALS stands for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis it is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. By the way they named it lou gehrig’s disease because he was a famous baseball player and ALS ended his career. It is a nervous system disease that causes the to muscle weaken and effects how somebody uses their muscles. Doctors really aren’t sure why it happens but something they know is that it can be inherited. Just to explain it further this disease affects the motor neurons in the brain which loses control of its muscle and after a while you can become completely paralyzed. Since they haven’t found a proper diagnosis they base it on symptoms and signs. Theses are a couple of symptoms: Cramps, tight muscle, stuttered speech, it becomes hard to chew and swallow, twitching and weakness to muscles. They haven’t found a cure yet but the have found a certain medicine called Rilutek (riluzole), as I said earlier, it is not yet a cure but it slows down the whole process of the disease and it gives them more time to live.

A way you could help is by creating awareness. There are different ways to create awareness one of the is doing the #alsicebucketchallenge which is pouring a bucket of ice on top of you and nominating 3 other people to do it in 24 hours and if you don’t you could donate 100 dollars to the ALS organization. Another thing you can do is to donate money to the organization itself. Here is the link if you would like to donate money:

I chose this because its really interesting that all around the world people made an effort to spread awareness even if not many people have this sickness and because if felt good that in my own little scal I was able to help spread awareness by doing the ALSicebucketchalenge and teach people about this illness.
Bye 🙂

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