Stretching- Manuel

Regular stretching is just as important as exercise. However, there are very few who understand the importance of stretching and its advantages. It’s easy to forget to stretch on a daily basis. Staying flexible at our age is a good idea. People who participate in sports or other physical activities should stretch to prevent injuries like muscle tears or neck pains. Stretching can also help joints move through a full range of motion and prevent stiffness in muscles. Before stretching, You should do a low aerobic exercise, such as walking or jumping jacks, as stretching cold muscles can lead to injuries. Stretching also increases the performance in sports. Normally you should stretch before and after exercising. Stretching after exercise helps avoid stiffness and helps the recovery of muscles. I chose this topic because usually when I do sports I would never actually stretch which gave me a lot of pains including neck pains and others. But its not until I went to the chiropractor, where they told me its advantages. So from this I know realisedthat stretching is very important and is just as important as playing sports or other exercise.


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