Alex – Acne

My health buzz: ON SKIN ISSUES

Acne is red oily pimples that grow on your skin that are usually on the face.Teenagers develop Acne towards the end of their teenage years and some people at age 12 have already started to develop acne. Some people have worse cases of acne than others, and they need special antibiotics. To prevent acne from getting worse do easy things like washing your face every day, cleaning the oil from your body, and not popping out your pimples. Things like these simple tasks can lead you to not have acne for a long time.


It is important to take care of your skin so you can prevent things like skin cancer. Thousands of americans die each year from skin cancer. Some short term effects may include feeling weary, rashes, and second degree sunburns, Long-term effects may include pain, changes of sexual desire, fatigue, lymphoedem, bone loss and other awful things. To prevent getting skin cancer  do things like not using tanning beds, wear a swim-shirt when swimming, and most importantly,  put on sunscreen. When you don’t put on sunscreen your body gets sunburned which kills the skin and if you keep getting sunburn you may eventually get skin cancer.


I chose the topic of good skin and acne prevention because I myself have sensitive skin because I was born into a family that didn’t have such good skin. I also wanted to address the topic of skin cancer and how it is an important part of our life to prevent it. I don’t want people dying from skin cancer and I think teens need to understand how to handle pressures from others to ‘be tan’ and make good decisions regarding their skin. I learned that some people that didn’t have good skin or died of melanoma because they didn’t take good care of their skin which I hope is an example to other people. I also wanted to inform teens to expect that they will get acne.


My thinking has changed because at first I thought that skin cancer was hard to get, but now I realize how it has became a more common disease: 1 million people die every year from skin cancer in America. Also, I didn’t understand that acne is a huge part of being a Teenager.


My final opinion we should do things like putting on sunscreen more often and that a sunburn may be huge towards skin cancer. The government should make ads that make it look cool to wear sunscreen by making it cool.images-2

Policy Statement Review

Here is a copy of the Policy Statement Power Point to help you in crafting your own policy statements.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 2.58.43 PMScreen Shot 2013-12-03 at 2.59.03 PMScreen Shot 2013-12-03 at 2.59.10 PM


Use these questions to help you review your policy statements and check to see that you are on the right track:

1. Paragraph 1 – Background

  • Have I mentioned the historical background of the issue?
  • Have I talked about the global impact of this issue?
  • Have I talked about how long the issue has been going on for?
  • Have treaties been signed already?
  • Have I mentioned how this issue relates to any of the 3 Fundamental Principles of the UN?

2. Paragraph 2 – Country Stance

  • Have I mentioned the concerns of my country?
  • Have I mentioned treaties or big ideas my country has supported for this issue?
  • Have I mentioned any solutions or efforts already tried by my country?
  • Have I mentioned which fundamental principle my country is concerned with with regard to the issue?

3. Paragraph 3 – Diplomacy Building

  • Have I mentioned that my country is committed to a solution?
  • Have I built trust and diplomacy through this paragraph?


Here is a scaffolded document to help you if you’re stuck or struggling with how to start.

REMEMBER to use your MUN Delegate packet as well as it will help you in your writing!

Ishani Sharma – Panic Attacks

The health issue I’d like to present is panic attacks. This is important because a lot of people might get panic attacks in their life and not know how to deal with them, and I just want to let people know some facts so the concept is not too foreign. I picked this issue because I’ve always been curious about panic attacks and wanted to know more about them. I also wanted people to know about them because, like I mentioned previously, some people might get them and not know how to deal with them. This issue affects teenagers because they could have a lot of anxiety about school, sports, and electives that could eventually lead to a panic attack.
Panic attacks are a sudden overwhelming feeling of anxiety and fear. Sometimes when your brain senses danger or if you’re in an uncomfortable situation, your body goes into a fight or flight instinct. This means that your body releases adrenaline and other hormones so that you can either fight: face the situation, or flight: run or escape. I learnt that panic attacks are different from a panic disorder. A panic disorder is having repetitive panic attacks over a period of time, while, and panic attack is just one attack. I also learnt that a panic attacks can last from 5-30 minutes long. Panic attacks can also have the following symptoms: racing heart, dizziness, trembling or shaking, numbness or tingling sensation, sweating, hyperventilation, and nausea. Some problems with panic attacks is that they seem completely random. There doesn’t seem to be a reason for the attack, you just get it and don’t know what to do. You could also get scared of going outside, in case you have a panic attack in public, and everyone sees. Another problem is that it could cause you to be scared of closed spaces, because if you get a panic attack in an elevator, or a situation like that, you’ll be alone, and no one could help you. In my opinion, I believe that panic attacks should be taught during wellness because they could happen to adolescents. If someone is stressed about school, studies, or sports, it could eventually build up into a panic attacks, and the just get worse from there.Panic attack icon design
In conclusion, its important for you to know about panic attacks because they could happen to you, and just knowing about them can help you calm down and relax. If you ever do experience a panic attack, try to make yourself remember that the maximum amount of time you will be in this situation is 30 minutes and then the attack will be over. Some other ways to calm yourself during a panic attack is to have some relaxing music on a phone or i-pod. That way when you feel a panic attack coming, you can turn on your phone and try to relax. A symptom of panic attacks i hyperventilation so if you try to control your breathing and take deep breathes, it can help you calm dow. Carrying around a stress relieving spray, made from natural essential oils, can help calm you down too. Just spray some on your wrists and take deep breaths. If you get repetitive panic attacks (panic disorder) then make sure you consult a doctor.

Dhendup, Global warming

Global warming is a world wide problem that is growing and getting more and more powerful. It affects teenagers a lot because global warming is a long term problem that will last of ever. It is when the air pollution causes a blockage in the ozone layer which does not aloud the uv rays off the sun to go back out. This causes the earths temperature to rise which is causing the melting off the polar caps. The main problems are pollution and waste global warming has started to melt our polar ice caps causing the seas and oceans to rise. Also it has created a gray layer of air pollution all over the world. This growing threat is important because when the ozone layer breaks all life will die because the suns harmful rays will be strong.\ I have learnt about the process of global warming and how it affects teenagers. I have also learnt about how it works and why it impacts us. I think there are not enough people trying to stop this. Global warming grows and takes time to build up. There fore use teenagers will have to deal with it in the near future but on a much more dangerous and life threatening level. I have not really changed my thinking as i was aware of this problem. This picture shows the world slowly turning into a hot sun like place and I think this is what will happen if the ozone layer is brokenGlobal-Warming-Wide-HD1

MUN Dates and Deadlines

In NoodleTools

10 NOTECARDS – Wednesday, Nov 26 2014

Remember to have at least:

  • 1 EBSCO
  • 1 Print Source (book or magazine)
  • 1 of the websites off my blog
  • 3 (maximum) websites that you’ve tested for credibility (C.R.A.A.P)

In SS8 Written Work Document

COMPLETE POLICY STATEMENT – Tuesday, Nov 25 (A) / Thursday, Nov 27 (H)

COMPLETED OPERATIVE CLAUSES (x3) – Tuesday, Nov 25 (A) / Thursday, Nov 27 (H)

*Final policy statements and operative clauses will be submitted on TURNITIN 

DON’T FORGET: Printed notecards, research, operative clauses slips, and policy statements need to be brought to class THURSDAY Nov 27 (A) / FRIDAY Nov 28 (H) for the start of the MUN Conference.

Anabelle- ALS

ALS stands for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis it is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. By the way they named it lou gehrig’s disease because he was a famous baseball player and ALS ended his career. It is a nervous system disease that causes the to muscle weaken and effects how somebody uses their muscles. Doctors really aren’t sure why it happens but something they know is that it can be inherited. Just to explain it further this disease affects the motor neurons in the brain which loses control of its muscle and after a while you can become completely paralyzed. Since they haven’t found a proper diagnosis they base it on symptoms and signs. Theses are a couple of symptoms: Cramps, tight muscle, stuttered speech, it becomes hard to chew and swallow, twitching and weakness to muscles. They haven’t found a cure yet but the have found a certain medicine called Rilutek (riluzole), as I said earlier, it is not yet a cure but it slows down the whole process of the disease and it gives them more time to live.

A way you could help is by creating awareness. There are different ways to create awareness one of the is doing the #alsicebucketchallenge which is pouring a bucket of ice on top of you and nominating 3 other people to do it in 24 hours and if you don’t you could donate 100 dollars to the ALS organization. Another thing you can do is to donate money to the organization itself. Here is the link if you would like to donate money:

I chose this because its really interesting that all around the world people made an effort to spread awareness even if not many people have this sickness and because if felt good that in my own little scal I was able to help spread awareness by doing the ALSicebucketchalenge and teach people about this illness.
Bye 🙂

(PS heres a link to my persentation: )





MUN Website Source List

Here are some sources that will help you find the information you are looking for. Remember that there isn’t one source that will tell you exactly what your country’s stance is – you will have to infer from several sources and perhaps even take a look at your country’s history and who they sided with for other similar issues.

This list will constantly be updated.  If you find good sources, feel free to email me so I can add them to the list, too! 🙂



  • NTI Country Profiles –
  • UNA (country profiling) –


  • General Country stance (most countries) –
  • Weapons Free Zones    –
  • CNN Nuclear Weapon States –
  • Arms Control (Country Resource)        –
  • UNODA – United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs –
  • Interesting Video on Background information for disarmament –


  • (Access by country)                                                     –
  • World Health Organization (countries without access) –           –
  • Ways to Provide Clean Water –
  • UN Water Facts and Figures                                             –
  • MDG 7                                                                                                   –



Use this google search presentation to help you narrow down your searches on google!


MUN Country Assignments

Here we go!  All classes have their country assignments for the MUN Conference and we’ve started going through our background guides and delegate packets.  Make sure you’re familiar with both of these documents in the next few days as they are going to walk you through how the conference will work and where to find information.

Below are the country assignments just in case you forget!  You’ll need to know other people’s assignments so you know who might be able to co-sign your clauses later on or who will be able to help you in gathering information about your own country.

Good luck!



Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.33.34 AM Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.35.50 AM

Stretching- Manuel

Regular stretching is just as important as exercise. However, there are very few who understand the importance of stretching and its advantages. It’s easy to forget to stretch on a daily basis. Staying flexible at our age is a good idea. People who participate in sports or other physical activities should stretch to prevent injuries like muscle tears or neck pains. Stretching can also help joints move through a full range of motion and prevent stiffness in muscles. Before stretching, You should do a low aerobic exercise, such as walking or jumping jacks, as stretching cold muscles can lead to injuries. Stretching also increases the performance in sports. Normally you should stretch before and after exercising. Stretching after exercise helps avoid stiffness and helps the recovery of muscles. I chose this topic because usually when I do sports I would never actually stretch which gave me a lot of pains including neck pains and others. But its not until I went to the chiropractor, where they told me its advantages. So from this I know realisedthat stretching is very important and is just as important as playing sports or other exercise.