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What is a drug? A drug is a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced to the body. There are many types of drugs including:






There is one question though. Are all drugs bad? The answer to that is no, not all drugs are bad. The drugs I listed above are all illegal drugs. There are many drugs that are not bad for you, like caffeine. If you drink coffee of soda it’s a drug. Also any medicine that you take when you are sick is also a drug. All though the medicine that you take when you are sick is not bad for you but it can be abused. If you take to much medicine you can start to get addicted to drugs. That is only if you abuse them. There are different types of drugs legal to different people.

Caffeine is legal for all ages. That means anything like soda, coffee or even black tea can be considered a drug. There are other drugs only legal to adults. This is Alcohol and Tobacco. Tobacco can be found in anything like a cigarette or a cigar. Alcohol in a drink and an example would be wine or beer. Then there are the illegal drugs that no one is allowed to take. They are against the law. The only drug that is becoming more open is medical marijuana. There are  many drug effects of different drugs. One drug that has many bad drug effects is Heroin. Heroin us a opiate which is a drug that slows things down. It makes things seem simple and less stressful. Even if your with a big group of people or friends you still feel lonely.

– Elise Epperson


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