UN Test Revision Topics and Rubrics

In preparation for your UN test on Thursday, October 23rd, below you will find a list of topics you may review as well as the rubrics that will be used for parts 2 and 3 – (Comprehension – Analysis and Synthesis).

TEST RUBRICS – Please make sure you’ve copied this into two separate documents to be used on the test day:   Comprehension – Analysis – Synthesis Rubric

Google Doc #1:  yourlastname Unit Test Comprehension

Google Doc #2yourlastname Unit Test Analysis and Synthesis



The coverage of the UN Unit Test will consist of the topics below.  To revise, you may review the blog posts below that have to do with the different topics (on WWI, League of Nations, WWII -mainly the events that led to the UN- and the UN); your chart on the MAIN causes of WWI; your A.nnotate Reading Packet (UN Challenges and Changes); and the videos that we’ve watched.

Also make sure that you’ve pre-selected your best analysis and synthesis question from your a.nnotate packet as those are the questions you will be using for part 3 of the test.  Come in to class ready to answer those two questions with detailed information to support your opinions/claims.


  1. What led to the outbreak of WWI
  2. The formation of the League of Nations and it’s failure
  3. The factors of WWII that led to the creation of the UN
  4. The United Nations, it’s core values, it’s organs and their functions

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