Lucid Dreaming – Doil Han

My health buzz is on lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is the ability to be awake while you are dreaming.

The techniques to lucid dreaming are WILD and MILD ways. MILD way of doing it is to record your dream every time when you dream. That helps your brain to be capable of lucid dreaming since you can remember what you dream in your dream world. The other way of doing it is WILD way. WILD way of doing it is that you try to stay awake while you are closing your eyes. That momentarily makes your body to shake, and you may hear sounds like water boiling inside a kettle. However, you have to stay calm to go to the lucid dreaming. Then you will be lucid dreaming.

However, you have to remember to check if you are not in the reality world, because lucid dreaming is so realistic. You can check if you are dreaming by twisting your fingers, and looking at the mirror.

The mystery about lucid dreaming and dreaming is that people in different continents, races, but they are still dreaming the same person called “This Man”. That is one of the mystery of dreaming, and the scientists cannot explain why. In lucid dreams, a lot of people who lucid dream said that “This Man” is invincible in the world of dreams.

The reason why I chose this topic was because it was really surprising to find out the mystery of dreaming, and it is really cool to be able to control what happens in your dreams. That is why I chose this topic.

Thank you for reading!