Meaningful Sentence Review

Directions: Review the 8 sentences below and with a partner, give each sentence a rating (use our Exemplary-Emerging scale)  in terms of how meaningful you think the sentences are and how much they showcase the writers understanding of each word.

  1. She was upset that the change in the class schedule would hinder her ability to prepare for the upcoming semester assessment.
  2. His father was a diplomat who was used to cultural differences and differences of opinion when dealing with others.
  3. They all belonged to a nation.
  4. Based on the charter, everyone knew exactly how the organization would run.
  5. They were unsure about the decision to join the League because they felt it would affect their sovereignty as a nation.
  6. Our group came to a consensus about where we would watch the movie this week.
  7. He worried that he had big shoes to fill from his predecessor.
  8. They did the job because of the great incentive.

Now try your hand at creating meaningful sentences using the words below:

  1. Meddle
  2. Collective security
  3. State
  4. Sovereignty
  5. Policy

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