Nushi’s Health Buzz

My health buzz is about Music.

So, what is music? Music is a special sound which could be coming out of your mouth, or instruments. Artists usually explain their life and feelings in their songs. Music is a way to get out of your stress, and let your imagination think whatever the song leads you to. Music is usually rhythmically, the ones which are catchy usually catches someone’s attention. Most of the time, those catchy songs don’t really have meaningful lyrics. Music can be anything.

How is music relevant to me? To me, music is a unique way to spread your emotions, and feelings through lyrics. Music allows me to stay focused to the beat, and if I’m ever stressed, music is the answer. It can help me enjoy learning. Sometimes, when I’m sad, music really helps me cheer up. Listening to one person’s voice could change your emotions completely!

How does music affect teenagers? Well, as a lot of teens have different personalities, they must have different taste of music as well! There are different genre’s which really affect the mood, negatively or positively. An example is; what if a student is stressed or depressed and they’re listening to depressing music? That could either possibly lead to an emotional breakdown, or rarely, happiness.

What did I learn? I learned that, revolving around music, it helps your memory and focusing skills. How? Well, if a type of genre you’re listening to matches to what you’re learning, it allows your mind to emphasize the topic. Maybe if the genre you’re listening to is interesting, or if its your favourite song. No matter what, your brain will probably remember it.

What are some problems and situations of music? So, as mentioned before, it’s quite handy in stressed moments, depending on the person. If you despise music, it’ll probably not work for you. Sometimes, when an individual is in a type of emotion, they tend to listen to the similar emotion they’re currently feeling. That can be a way to tell if someone is sad, or happy. Once you know, you can help them out!

My final opinion is that music is a positive impact to your learning and it can really develop some organizational skills. Before, I used to think that music would really distract you. I think music is more distractive in reading, rather than writing.

Music is all about opinion, and also in orginization. If you’re the type of person who easily gets distracted, music might not be a good option. If you’re learning strategies are fine, then I suggest you listen to music because it can really change your writing skills.

Sacha- Sports/Exercise

I did health buzz on Sports and exercise.
I think that most teenagers enjoy sports, and think of it as hobbies. That is a good thing because it would be better if you look at sports as something fun because thats means you are doing something that is help your body and that makes you a healthier person without really realising it. Exercise helps you physically ( to keep fit/ become fit,) Socially ( while you are doing a sport its possible for you to meet new friends and that’ll make exercising more fun,) Emotionally ( you will be a happier person because while you are playing a sport you release endorphins,) and lastly mentally ( if you win the sport you are doing, your self- confidence will go up and if you lose it you will learn how to have good sportsmanship.) I used to think that exercise was something you do for fun and that it wasn’t a really important part of your life . But now, I know all the benefits of exercise and why/ how much we need of it ( thirty minutes everyday.) It good to do a variety of different sports instead of just one because then you would have more options to choose from to keep fit. I hope now all of you start looking at sports as a hobby, not by anything else.sports-equipment-400