Dana- Food Addiction

Most teenagers aren’t addicted to drugs. but many teenagers eat way too much junk food. Way more than they are supposed to. But They can’t help themselves but eat and eat, because it tastes too good. Thats food addiction, and its a disorder. Food addiction is basically being addicted to junk foods the same way some people are addicted to drugs or smoking. How is this issue related to teens? This is related to teenagers because many teens and kids these days are overweight. For kids aged 6-19, 30% of the population today is obese.

I learned that junk food is addicting because companies make it that way. they know its bad for us, but we all know is that just care about money. what do they do to make junk food addicting? Companies spend billions of dollars mixing spices and sugar until it is the perfect, mouth-watering, addictive flavour. if something is too salty or sour, then people wouldn’t be addicted. For example, doritos chip’s lactic and citric acid content triggers saliva, making doritos apparently “mouth watering” even though its not. According to a professor and the University of Michigan, a fact is that processed food is actually categorized under drug abuse because it is so addictive.
Some effects you can get from food addiction are obesity, depression, like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, Coronary heart disease, endometrial cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, Hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholestorol, Stroke, Liver and Gallbladder disease, Sleep apnea and breathing problems. If your seriously addicted, getting yourself to stop probably seems impossible. Fortunatly, there is a way. Some ways to stop are: To think of how bad they really are. Try really hard to stay away from these foods. Dont stop by mcdonalds or Jolibee on the way to school. Then, seek help and try to overcome your addiction with health professionals, support groups, a psychologist or psychiatrist.

This relates to me and a lot of people out there because i like junk food. (even though i am not addicted) I used to think that food addiction was just a small issue and I never really thought of it as serious. But now i know that food addiction is very serious and many people are suffering from it. I never knew why it tasted so good and why i always craved it, but now i do.