Oscar Brain Training

Brain training is a way that we can improve our all round health especially our mental.
Brain training is like training your body, the more you train it the faster, more efficient and all round better mind. If you train your mind you can improve your all-round mental health which can help you with education and learning.



This is a very important topic because everyone can train their brain, and its pretty easy. Everyone is always using their brain and it would be better to have a faster more effective brain.

Most teenagers could benefit from brain training, especially for learning and studying. If teenagers have faster brains with higher memory capacitors they can learn more effectively.

I learnt about how much a little brain training can effect all round mental wellness and efficiency.

Brain training, like I said teens(everyone really) can benefit from brain training in all areas of mental health.

Drugs – Elise

What is a drug? A drug is a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced to the body. There are many types of drugs including:






There is one question though. Are all drugs bad? The answer to that is no, not all drugs are bad. The drugs I listed above are all illegal drugs. There are many drugs that are not bad for you, like caffeine. If you drink coffee of soda it’s a drug. Also any medicine that you take when you are sick is also a drug. All though the medicine that you take when you are sick is not bad for you but it can be abused. If you take to much medicine you can start to get addicted to drugs. That is only if you abuse them. There are different types of drugs legal to different people.

Caffeine is legal for all ages. That means anything like soda, coffee or even black tea can be considered a drug. There are other drugs only legal to adults. This is Alcohol and Tobacco. Tobacco can be found in anything like a cigarette or a cigar. Alcohol in a drink and an example would be wine or beer. Then there are the illegal drugs that no one is allowed to take. They are against the law. The only drug that is becoming more open is medical marijuana. There are  many drug effects of different drugs. One drug that has many bad drug effects is Heroin. Heroin us a opiate which is a drug that slows things down. It makes things seem simple and less stressful. Even if your with a big group of people or friends you still feel lonely.

– Elise Epperson


Carina S. – Anorexia Nervosa

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 10.15.52 AMWhat is Anorexia Nervosa? Anorexia Nervosa is a complex eating disorder where you lose and enormous amount of weight. It is when you refuse to maintain a healthy body weight, just because you think that you’re fat. It where people have an intense fear of gaining weight and it causes people to obsess with their weight and the food they eat. People with Anorexia Nervosa attempt to maintain a very unhealthy weight. Anorexia Nervosa is serious and potentially deadly and is an unhealthy way to cope with emotional problems. People with this disorder equate thinness with self-worth. There are two types of Anorexia Nervosa. In the restricting type of Anorexia, weight loss is achieved by restricting calories, following drastic diets, fasting, and exercising to excess. In the purging type of Anorexia, weight loss is achieved by vomiting or using laxatives and diuretics. Laxatives and diuretics are drugs used to lose a huge amount of weight by doing things to your body.

How is this issue relevant to me? Why is it important? I chose to do my Health Buzz on this topic because I have known many anorexics. My friend suffered from this disorder and she couldn’t think straight and she was really depressed. She threw up a lot and fainted many times. I am so thankful that she was able to recover safely because she almost died. I want to take action to help people like her, who suffer their lives thinking that they are fat. Anorexia is very dangerous, it can even kill those who don’t recover in time. This is important because if people don’t know how dangerous Anorexia can be, they might think that it is a great way to lose weight and they might become victims of this disorder.

What are some problems/solutions connected to the issue? Anorexia Nervosa causes many problems. In the United States, somewhere between 1 and 2 of every hundred teens will struggle with Anorexia at some time during their life. 90 percent of all Americans afflicted with an eating disorder are female. An estimated five percent of adolescent girls are currently suffering from Anorexia. 53 percent of American girls report that they are unhappy with their bodies at age thirteen. 78 percent are unhappy with their bodies at age seventeen. Ten percent of teens with Anorexia are male. Around 15 percent of teenage girls have some type of eating disorder or eating disorder related behavior. Around a thousand women die each year from Anorexia. 5 to 20 percent of teens who have Anorexia will die for reasons related to the disorder. Luckily, there are counselors, psychological and health professionals that can help anorexics recover from this disorder.

How does it affect teenagers? Anorexia Nervosa mostly affects teenagers. It is because at this age, bullying occurs and teens can bully others because of their body shape, size and weight. At this age, teens are obsessed with looks and weight and they try to lose weight just to “fit in.” Teenagers are affected by media and magazines and they try to be just like the actresses and models they see and they believe that in order to be perfect, they have to as thin as them. This causes teenagers to equate thinness to self-worth. Teens begin to think that in order to belong and in order for people to like them, they must be thin and perfect like everyone.

What is your final opinion about this issue? Anorexia Nervosa is a very dangerous disease. Although it seems like another way to lose weight, it’s actually so much worse than that. I am shocked at the percentage of teenagers who suffer and die from this eating disorder and I want to help people overcome this disorder. There is no cure to Anorexia but I believe there is still a way to stop it.

How has your thinking changed? I used to think that Anorexia Nervosa wasn’t a disorder and that it was just what you called not eating and losing weight just to become thinner. But my thinking definitely changed and now I know that Anorexia Nervosa, isn’t just anything people do to lose weight, it’s much more serious than that. Anorexia Nervosa is where you refuse to maintain a healthy weight and it is a very dangerous way to cope with emotional problems. You can actually die from Anorexia and it can negatively impact how your body works.

Anorexia Nervosa HealthBuzz – Carina: https://docs.google.com/a/ismanila.org/presentation/d/19haBykz6HXKhoJgoBqk_bwA4Z79WQUmHuTacZ7MEGxc/edit?usp=sharing




Brain Freeze – Louis

  1. Brain freeze, also known as an ice-cream headache, cold-stimulus headache, or sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia, is a kind of short-term headache typically linked to the rapid consumption of ice-cream, ice pops, or very cold drinks.
  2. They found that the sensation of brain freeze appears to be caused by a dramatic and sudden increase in blood flow through the brain’s anterior cerebral artery. As soon as the artery constricted, the brain-freeze pain sensation wore off.
  3. It can occur when you eat or drink something cold, too fast.
  4. When something cold touches the roof of your mouth (your palate), the sudden temperature change of the tissue stimulates nerves to cause rapid dilation and swelling of blood vessels. This is an attempt to direct blood to the area and warm it back up.
  5. The dilation of the blood vessels triggers pain receptors, which release pain-causing prostaglandins, increase sensitivity to further pain, and produce inflammation while sending signals through the trigeminal nerve to alert the brain to the problem. Because the trigeminal nerve also senses facial pain, the brain interprets the pain signal as coming from the forehead. This is called ‘referred pain’ since the cause of the pain is in a different location from where you feel it. Brain freeze typically hits about 10 seconds after chilling your palate and lasts about half a minute. Only a third of people experience brain freeze from eating something cold, though most people are susceptible to a related headache from sudden expo

UN Test Revision Topics and Rubrics

In preparation for your UN test on Thursday, October 23rd, below you will find a list of topics you may review as well as the rubrics that will be used for parts 2 and 3 – (Comprehension – Analysis and Synthesis).

TEST RUBRICS – Please make sure you’ve copied this into two separate documents to be used on the test day:   Comprehension – Analysis – Synthesis Rubric

Google Doc #1:  yourlastname Unit Test Comprehension

Google Doc #2yourlastname Unit Test Analysis and Synthesis



The coverage of the UN Unit Test will consist of the topics below.  To revise, you may review the blog posts below that have to do with the different topics (on WWI, League of Nations, WWII -mainly the events that led to the UN- and the UN); your chart on the MAIN causes of WWI; your A.nnotate Reading Packet (UN Challenges and Changes); and the videos that we’ve watched.

Also make sure that you’ve pre-selected your best analysis and synthesis question from your a.nnotate packet as those are the questions you will be using for part 3 of the test.  Come in to class ready to answer those two questions with detailed information to support your opinions/claims.


  1. What led to the outbreak of WWI
  2. The formation of the League of Nations and it’s failure
  3. The factors of WWII that led to the creation of the UN
  4. The United Nations, it’s core values, it’s organs and their functions

Amnesia Bethany Clark

What is Amnesia?

Amnesia is deficit in memory cause by brain damage, disease and psychological trauma. Amnesia can also be caused temporally by the use of various sedatives and hypnotic drugs. Some of the symptoms of amnesia is that they cant retain new information and often times  they forget how to do everyday activities. Amnesia is important because it effects the brain really badly and can ruin relationships. This effects me because my best friends dad has suffered with amnesia and I’ve always wanted to tell people what amnesia really means. I learned that not only is amnesia a song its a really bad thing that can effect the brain badly.


Leandro – Benefits of Sports

Benefits of sports help shape your body image, and can reduce the risk of certain cancers. Some benefits include toning of your muscles and bones and helping your mentality plus mood. It helps reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome. Some team sports include Basketball, American Football, Soccer, and more. Individual sports include Golf, Bowling, Boxing and more.


Stella – Sleep Talking

Sleep talking, formally known as Somniloquy, is a sleep disorder defined as talking during sleep without being aware of it. Sleep talking can involve complicated dialogues or monologues, complete gibberish or mumbling. The good news is that for most people it is a rare and short-lived occurrence. Anyone can experience sleep talking, but the condition is more common in males and children. Sleep-talkers are not typically aware of their behaviours or speech; therefore their voices and the type of language they use may sound different from their wakeful speech. Sleep talking may be spontaneous or induced by conversation with the sleeper.

Little is known about the content of the sleep talking: some talking makes no sense at all and some of it may relate to past events, experiences, and relationships that no longer have current relevance or emotional impact. Modern sleep science and the law accept that sleep talking is not a product of a conscious or rational mind and is therefore usually inadmissible in court.

Although not physically harmful, sleep talking can cause embarrassment and can annoy a bed partner, roommate, or be disruptive in group-sleeping situations. Because of this, sleep talkers are sometimes afraid to sleep away from home and can cause insomnia in a person sleeping nearby.

Sleep talking may be brought on by stress, depression, fever, sleep deprivation, day-time drowsiness, alcohol, and fever. In many instances sleep talking runs in families, although external factors seem to stimulate the behaviour. Sleep talking often occurs concurrently with other sleep disorders such as nightmares, confusional arousals, sleep apnea, and REM sleep behaviour disorder. In rare cases, adult-onset frequent sleep-talking is associated with a psychiatric disorder or nocturnal seizures. Sleep talking associated with mental or medical illness occurs more commonly in persons over 25 years of age.imgres