Hayley Stress

My health buzz is about Stress.
How does stress relate to me? Stress relates to me because I am the type of person that gets stressed really easily. Even if it’s a small project I will still probably get stressed.
What is stress? Stress is basically our bodies reaction to pressure, whether it is good or bad. When your body is stressed it releases chemicals into the blood.
What are the main causes of stress? The 2 main causes of stress in students are tests/quizzes. In America research has found that standardised tests are taken at earlier ages than before. Also a big cause of stress is honours or specialised classes. Studies have shown more students are taking honours. Honours is stressful because iT is significantly harder than regular classes.
How can you manage stress?
1. Figure out what’s stressing you out.
2. Eat healthy meals.
3. Exercise!
4. Don’t worry about the mistakes you make to much. Those mistakes are the ones that will most likely drive you crazy!
5. Manage your time well.

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