Omar Drugs

A drug is a substance than changes the way your mind or body works. Its relevant to teenagers because they may be under stress, they want to try drugs because of peer pressure then are undergoing puberty, its detrimental to their health and they should be aware of its negative effects. Drugs can effect teenagers in different ways because doing weed can kill your brain cells, marijuana and inhalants could shut down your liver, and it also commits you to do other bad things. A few things I learned from this issue are you can get into big trouble with your family and police. Also in some countries they have something called the death penalty on drugs. Another thing I learned is if teenagers start doing drugs then they become addicted and may never stop.I also learned that drugs are either baked in brownies, put into tea, injected into the vein or smoked.

Some problems/solutions are cartels are involved, especially the mafia, its hard to quit because you need more. Solutions are that governments should do something about the people who supply drugs because in some countries they are so corrupt that they can’t do anything. In some countries they are SO strict such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and even Saudi Arabia that if you do drugs or even if you have them you die. My final opinion is that drugs shouldn’t be allowed anywhere and they shouldn’t be easy to access even in the countries that some drugs are legal. My thinking has changed in many ways because before I thought that doing weed just made your eyes red and made you hungry but it actually kills your brain cells.

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