Justin – Astral Projection

Although it is questionable whether it actually exists, astral projection is assumed to be the practice of separating the mind from the host, while the body is in a trance between sleep and consciousness. Practitioners declares that their soul traveled on the astral plane, a separate dimension of our physical world. More eerily, there has been discoveries of the concept of astral projection having roots with the afterlife.

The practice of astral projection has indeed, aroused heated criticism. From observing this quote that I have extracted from an article, one might infer the intense degree of contempt Christians feel towards this practice. “Spend time with the Lord, and forget the bizarre thrill ride with the devil. It is a deception and a trap.”

The importance of this practice would, I would say, quite significant. The practice of astral projection being very difficult to perform, has very few people who know even a little about it. Who knows? Closer examination of astral projection might lead to a completely new branch of knowledge! With this information, we might be able to unlock an entire array of technologies and tools beyond our wildest dreams!

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