James – OCD

OCD is something I’m pretty sure we have all heard about and we should all be informed about how it affects our well-being. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is essentially the routine of feeling the strong urge to do something repeatedly in regular intervals or risk having the feeling of doubt, fear, and/or uncertainty. It impacts teenage life especially due to the fact that our adolescent years is the time we internally discover who we are as a person and expose our personality. Importantly, at any age or gender we all may established routines to follow daily, but the notable thing to acknowledge is that this disorder is taking these routines to an extreme causing severe anxiety or stressed if not followed accordingly. OCD relates to me because it is something I have been experiencing or have been accused for in the past. As I get used to growing up, I developed the habit of keeping everything in order and organized. In conclusion, My thinking has changed because I used to think in the past that just following a schedule is a clear indication that you have the symptoms of OCD. Now, I learnt that OCD is something that usually runs in families and can affect how people react to certain desires or set routines.peas-lined-up-in-a-row



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