Sein :D Helium

Helium is a chemical like gas that makes your voice sound very strange and off. Helium holds your breath. It is almost like you aren’t breathing when you inhale it. You would start to die in minutes if you don’t get that air out. Helium is like a sponge and oxygen is the water. If you do it consistently, you will turn light headed and pass out. After you suck helium from an average balloon, you might start to feel dizzy and move around places that might hurt you if you bump into them. If you suck it in great speed your lungs might burst and hemorrhage.
I learnt that you can suck a little helium but you really have to be careful because it might hurt you. I decided that I would never suck helium again. I first thought helium is just gas that makes your voice strange but now i know that it is really dangerous to your body. This is important to me because kids my age are daring people and I know that in birthday parties, people suck helium for fun. Its important for me because then i know why its bad for me and if i should really inhale it.