Sierra – Yoga effects on Your Brain and Body

My health buzz is about Yoga and the effects it can have on your brain and body. I chose this because I like to do yoga. Yoga is good for you because it helps you release stress, improve people with depression, improve your attention, it is very calming and can lower your heart rate. It can improve your immune function, and it can give you relief from joint pain and stiffness. It can actually improve your sleep cycle. You can do yoga anytime and almost anywhere. You can do hard or easy yoga, you can listen to music and you can do it at any age. It also helps if you do it outside. Yoga originated over 3000 years ago in India and comes from the Sanskrit word Yug or Yuj.

Cheska – Marijuana <3

My health buzz is about Marijuana.

Marijuana is a substance that is collected from a cannabis plant. This plant also produces hash oil that is put in the joint to smoke weed. Marijuana is also a gateway drug. A gateway drug is a drug that starts you to do drugs. This substance can cause many sickness in the lungs mostly. Marijuana is also called hash. joint, weed and etc.. Marijuana is bad for you because it can cause a lot of metal and physical problems in your body. Sometimes people use marijuana medically. It can also help relive pain in your body. Did you know in the U.S. 749,825 people tried marijuana at least once in their life. I choose this because, I found it really interesting because it can be good and bad for you.