Lexi Sleep Talking

My health buzz was on Sleep Talking.

The official name for sleep talking is Somniloquy which is a sleep disorder when you talk in your sleep and you are not aware of it. I chose to do this because I know that I have talked in my sleep before, and I know that many other people have also talked in their sleep. While researching on this topic, I learned that sleep talking is more common in males and children, it’s not saying that women don’t talk in their sleep it’s just more common in males. When people talk in their sleep, people can either say complicated dialogue, monologues, or it could just be gibberish or mumbling. Studies show that the lighter the sleep the more understandable the speech. Somethings that cause sleep talking are: stress, depression, day time drowsiness, alcohol, nightmares, not getting enough sleep, and REM (rapid eye movement). My thinking has changed on this topic because I used to think that people would just randomly talk about their dreams, but now I know that there are other reasons why people talk in their sleep.    cartoon-cat-sleeping

Alicia F – Bulimia

The topic I chose was Bulimia.

Bulimia is a condition where victims usually binge and purge. Bingeing is consuming large quantities of food in a short period of time and purging is releasing that food, either by: compulsive exercising, laxative abuse or self-induced vomiting.
I decided to present on Bulimia because over 50% of teenage girls think they’re fat and because of that nerve wrecking percentage of girls, some of them might start losing weight in an unhealthy way.
I also picked this issue because in the past, and now, I have known bulimics or people are bulimic.


As I said before, this issue affects teenagers, teenage girls mostly, because it causes them to start losing weight by forcefully throwing up after eating a meal.
While studying this topic I learned that purging can also be a punishment to oneself and, also, that bulimia is often caused because of idealizing in society and culture, but also mothers being harsh on a daughters weight.

I believe that this issue can’t really ever be solved. As long as we have the ‘ideal’ person in society, people that are different will often be frowned upon. A solution, may be to actually teach teens not only what bulimia is but what it can lead up to, which is very rarely cancer. I think that knowing the dangers of a topic and the effects of it can cause less depression throughout teens.

To be concluded, this topic is very important to know so that you can help someone who can’t help themselves. And so that you can tell them what they need to hear. This is also very important because you need to know the dangers of bulimia and society needs to stop. It needs to stop making ideals, it needs to stop choosing fake skinny models, it needs to just stop. Of course everyone is scared of becoming obese, if we weren’t then we would embrace it. Bulimia is becoming a serious issue among teens, and it needs to stop. Thank you.