Obesity by: Sudhanvita

Obesity is when your Body Mass Index reaches a very high level. To put it in simpler words, it means that you are way overweight, or, fat. You become obese when you don’t burn nearly as much calories as you intake. Obesity affects your metal, physical, emotional, and social fitness, because, when you are obese, you become more self conscious, and your self esteem goes down. You won’t have as many friends, (usually), and you become prone to diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and various heart diseases.


While I was doing my health buzz, I learned that we can all become  prone to well, becoming obese. I learned that the only way to prevent it is to exercise regularly. Take a look at my fitness flyer to see more on why  excercise: Welleness fitness brochure.

Eating healthy is also important. Junk food, or fast food is covered with oil, grease, and a lot of other junk. Eating junk food has more calories in it, and tends to stick to your body faster. When you eat healthy, like fruits, and vegetables, they have healthy calories, which you burn faster.

Here is more information about Obesity:

Health Buzz- Sudhanvita


Rhia – Effects of Fandoms

Fandoms are communities of people who follow a movie, book, t.v. show etc. Fandoms affect teenagers in good and bad ways, socially, mentally, emotionally and physically. The cons. socially are that teenagers can confide themselves inside watching/reading their fandom so they won’t go outside to meet with people. Physically; sitting down for long hours can clog your blood circulation, and lead to death. Mentally; some people become too indulged in their fandom, and start to lose the ability to tell the difference between

This shows that becoming too obsessed can lead to confusion about what is reality and what is their fantasy

reality and their fantasy. Emotionally; waiting for a hiatus to be over can cause depression and and other feelings that can lead to a more permanent effect. However the pros. are socially, you can make new friends easier by having a topic where you can both relate to as well as conventions such as Comic-Con, where all people in a fandom can go to. Physically; people can do “fandom workouts” where for example in Doctor Who, everytime someone says “Doctor” you have to do 10 jumping jacks. Mentally; Gives you pleasure and something you can enjoy, by going into your fantasy world, as well as fandoms can relieve stress. Emotionally; fandoms can help overcome depression. This relates to me because I’m in a lot of fandoms (I’m a My Little Supermeroncewarrior Wholock) and these effects can happen and I need to be cautious in my Fandom so I don’t mess up my life. I believe fandoms can be very helpful to your health but we all need to be wary that we don’t become obsessed with our Fandom because otherwise, as stated above, we could wreck our social life and possibly die.