Omar Drugs

A drug is a substance than changes the way your mind or body works. Its relevant to teenagers because they may be under stress, they want to try drugs because of peer pressure then are undergoing puberty, its detrimental to their health and they should be aware of its negative effects. Drugs can effect teenagers in different ways because doing weed can kill your brain cells, marijuana and inhalants could shut down your liver, and it also commits you to do other bad things. A few things I learned from this issue are you can get into big trouble with your family and police. Also in some countries they have something called the death penalty on drugs. Another thing I learned is if teenagers start doing drugs then they become addicted and may never stop.I also learned that drugs are either baked in brownies, put into tea, injected into the vein or smoked.

Some problems/solutions are cartels are involved, especially the mafia, its hard to quit because you need more. Solutions are that governments should do something about the people who supply drugs because in some countries they are so corrupt that they can’t do anything. In some countries they are SO strict such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and even Saudi Arabia that if you do drugs or even if you have them you die. My final opinion is that drugs shouldn’t be allowed anywhere and they shouldn’t be easy to access even in the countries that some drugs are legal. My thinking has changed in many ways because before I thought that doing weed just made your eyes red and made you hungry but it actually kills your brain cells.

James – OCD

OCD is something I’m pretty sure we have all heard about and we should all be informed about how it affects our well-being. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is essentially the routine of feeling the strong urge to do something repeatedly in regular intervals or risk having the feeling of doubt, fear, and/or uncertainty. It impacts teenage life especially due to the fact that our adolescent years is the time we internally discover who we are as a person and expose our personality. Importantly, at any age or gender we all may established routines to follow daily, but the notable thing to acknowledge is that this disorder is taking these routines to an extreme causing severe anxiety or stressed if not followed accordingly. OCD relates to me because it is something I have been experiencing or have been accused for in the past. As I get used to growing up, I developed the habit of keeping everything in order and organized. In conclusion, My thinking has changed because I used to think in the past that just following a schedule is a clear indication that you have the symptoms of OCD. Now, I learnt that OCD is something that usually runs in families and can affect how people react to certain desires or set routines.peas-lined-up-in-a-row



Hayley Stress

My health buzz is about Stress.
How does stress relate to me? Stress relates to me because I am the type of person that gets stressed really easily. Even if it’s a small project I will still probably get stressed.
What is stress? Stress is basically our bodies reaction to pressure, whether it is good or bad. When your body is stressed it releases chemicals into the blood.
What are the main causes of stress? The 2 main causes of stress in students are tests/quizzes. In America research has found that standardised tests are taken at earlier ages than before. Also a big cause of stress is honours or specialised classes. Studies have shown more students are taking honours. Honours is stressful because iT is significantly harder than regular classes.
How can you manage stress?
1. Figure out what’s stressing you out.
2. Eat healthy meals.
3. Exercise!
4. Don’t worry about the mistakes you make to much. Those mistakes are the ones that will most likely drive you crazy!
5. Manage your time well.

Kevin’s health buzz :Effects of video games

Video games can make Obesity and if you play too much video games you’ll feel eyes tired and you can not pay attention in the next day at class.But some video games can give your brain true work out. And if you organize your time, do more sports, read more books and sleep on time.You’ll have fun from video games.

Justin – Astral Projection

Although it is questionable whether it actually exists, astral projection is assumed to be the practice of separating the mind from the host, while the body is in a trance between sleep and consciousness. Practitioners declares that their soul traveled on the astral plane, a separate dimension of our physical world. More eerily, there has been discoveries of the concept of astral projection having roots with the afterlife.

The practice of astral projection has indeed, aroused heated criticism. From observing this quote that I have extracted from an article, one might infer the intense degree of contempt Christians feel towards this practice. “Spend time with the Lord, and forget the bizarre thrill ride with the devil. It is a deception and a trap.”

The importance of this practice would, I would say, quite significant. The practice of astral projection being very difficult to perform, has very few people who know even a little about it. Who knows? Closer examination of astral projection might lead to a completely new branch of knowledge! With this information, we might be able to unlock an entire array of technologies and tools beyond our wildest dreams!

Sein :D Helium

Helium is a chemical like gas that makes your voice sound very strange and off. Helium holds your breath. It is almost like you aren’t breathing when you inhale it. You would start to die in minutes if you don’t get that air out. Helium is like a sponge and oxygen is the water. If you do it consistently, you will turn light headed and pass out. After you suck helium from an average balloon, you might start to feel dizzy and move around places that might hurt you if you bump into them. If you suck it in great speed your lungs might burst and hemorrhage.
I learnt that you can suck a little helium but you really have to be careful because it might hurt you. I decided that I would never suck helium again. I first thought helium is just gas that makes your voice strange but now i know that it is really dangerous to your body. This is important to me because kids my age are daring people and I know that in birthday parties, people suck helium for fun. Its important for me because then i know why its bad for me and if i should really inhale it.

Sierra – Yoga effects on Your Brain and Body

My health buzz is about Yoga and the effects it can have on your brain and body. I chose this because I like to do yoga. Yoga is good for you because it helps you release stress, improve people with depression, improve your attention, it is very calming and can lower your heart rate. It can improve your immune function, and it can give you relief from joint pain and stiffness. It can actually improve your sleep cycle. You can do yoga anytime and almost anywhere. You can do hard or easy yoga, you can listen to music and you can do it at any age. It also helps if you do it outside. Yoga originated over 3000 years ago in India and comes from the Sanskrit word Yug or Yuj.

Cheska – Marijuana <3

My health buzz is about Marijuana.

Marijuana is a substance that is collected from a cannabis plant. This plant also produces hash oil that is put in the joint to smoke weed. Marijuana is also a gateway drug. A gateway drug is a drug that starts you to do drugs. This substance can cause many sickness in the lungs mostly. Marijuana is also called hash. joint, weed and etc.. Marijuana is bad for you because it can cause a lot of metal and physical problems in your body. Sometimes people use marijuana medically. It can also help relive pain in your body. Did you know in the U.S. 749,825 people tried marijuana at least once in their life. I choose this because, I found it really interesting because it can be good and bad for you.