Self Esteem – Pascale

Self Esteem is the level of confidence and pride you have in yourself. It changes from time to time; sometimes you will have your bad days and your good days. Body image is a really large part in self esteem and can affect a lot of things. Good self esteem is where you’re confident about yourself and fine with your body. Public speaking is a little easier for people with confidence because they are more organized, and aren’t worrying about the worst-case scenarios that could happen. They know that they aren’t a supermodel and know what fits them right. People with such self esteem can do different activities better and are willing to try out new things. Bad self esteem is where you have little confidence and worried about yourself. Activities like public speaking and interacting with new people are harder than usual. People with bad self esteem usually take in the insults and turn down compliments, believing that the nice things people say aren’t true. They also may develop harmful habits like smoking, drinking, and anorexia. The media is big cause of lowered self esteem in the way of magazines and ‘perfect’ models. Although we know that they are photoshopped and fake, it’s difficult to ignore and people start to believe that they can be like the celebrities on the media. Except they can’t. That ends up in a terrible spot. Bullying and cyberbullying are also a big part, mostly using verbal abuse. The terrible message starts to sink in after a while and hurts the person inside. There’s also peer pressure from family, friends, school, and most importantly, yourself. It doesn’t matter which way, the person will give in to the pressure and start believing they can’t do anything. Feeling out of place or ‘different’ is a choice made by yourself when you believe that you’re different from everyone else. (in a bad way) It could be that you have differences in physical appearance, or differences in the way you think, feel, and interact with others. Limited social contact is another way that causes bad self esteem when a person starts to ignore or not keep relationships with friends or family. It ends up with grumpy people asking why they won’t talk, and the person starts to feel bad about their social life. You can boost your self esteem by doing little things that make you and others happy. Doing things you like and using your strengths can make you happy and feel good about yourself, because you know what you’re doing and you’re good at it. Giving and accepting compliments is another one that gives you a nice feeling that you are a good person, especially giving comments to others. Giving compliments gives you the thought of “Hey, I like that feeling. If I keep doing this, that feeling won’t go away.” Dressing up in a style you like can also give you confidence when interacting with others. It could be a small thing, like a bow tie or a scarf, or it could be a big thing, like a favourite shirt or a really cool pair of shoes. If it suits you, then you can wear it. Hanging around good people can help if you’re in a tricky spot and you need support. Family is also fine, as long as they are loving and caring to you. (Which they usually are but there is such thing as domestic violence) Also exercising is good too, with the endorphins that make you happy.

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