Understanding your Own Perspective

Each of us enters this classroom with a different perspective formed by experiences we have had so far in our lives.  A key to understanding social studies concepts is to be able to recognize different perspectives with which people approach social issues.  Each of our perspectives is important to consider-they will help the members of our class expand the way we each see the world.  But it will help us even more if we understand the background of the perspective we are hearing.  Your job is to help us understand your perspective.

 Perspective Assignment:

To do this you need to think about where your perspective is coming from.  We need to know which things in your life have most influenced your thinking.  Those things can include nationality, culture, religion, language, values, wealth, and places you have lived to name a few.  Not all of them will be important in each of your lives.  You should perhaps choose the 2 or 3 that you think most influence your perspective.

You will create a “poster” to help us understand where your point of view is coming from.  Your poster should include a few large images in the middle of the paper that represent those influences.  Try to find an image that is symbolic and helps sum up a bigger idea.

Visual Requirements:

  •   The poster must include your name.
  •   Your poster must include at least 1-3 visuals that you think best represent or symbolize things that influence your perspective.  Try to be as creative as possible.  Think about images and symbols that best represent the ideas that have shaped your thinking.
  •   You may decorate a border around those images with words and images that better clarify your message.

Written Explanation:

  •   On the back of your visual, you need to write or type a short message to me.  Part of the message will help you with your brief presentation to the class, and the other part will help me get to know you a little better.
  •   Explain why you chose your images and how the things they represent have influenced your perspective.  Be clear and complete—we want to better understand you.
  •   Tell me about three things you think I should know about you.  This part is for me to read and you will not be asked to share this with the class.  Pick three things that will help me understand you better.
  •   Tell me about one goal you have for yourself this year.  It doesn’t have to be about Social Studies, but it can be.  Why is this your goal?
 Oral Presentation:

You need to briefly explain to the class the visuals you chose and the meanings behind them.  How did they help to shape your perspective?

Here is an example, though you don’t have to include this many images! 🙂

Ms. Vs Perspective

Ms Vs Perspective Write Up