Sleep by Shinnosuke

Sleep is a state of people’s  body and brain that are completely resting.

Sleep can help for good growth. In my country’s proverb it says “sleep brings up a child well.”

If you don’t have enough sleep, you would lose concentration, would have a poor memory, and you would feel badly.

  • Don’t take too much caffein

  • Take vitamins regularly

  • Avoid using computers like playing games before going to bed.

  • Sleep in a cool temperature
    • Do not change your wake-up time.

    • When you wake-up, get sunshine from outside.

    • Keep your body healthy

      REM Sleep

      It is an acronym from

      “Rapid Eye Movement”

      Duing in REM Sleep, the body is resting. But the brain is awake. So it is called REM Sleep.

      Non-REM Sleep

      It is simple because it is a state of sleep that both the body and brain are resting.

      Interesting Facts

    • Most people can survive for up to 2months without eating. But people can only live up to 11days without sleeping

      But In Vietnam 33 years ago, a man got sick and since then he can’t sleep until now.

      If you believe that you’ve slept well even if you haven’t, it improves your performance.


      Only one half of a dolphin’s brain goes to sleep at a time.



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