Aging by Abhinav

Aging. Its a process we all go through. We all are born with 306 bones and one cup of blood, go through puberty, jobs, back pains, arthritis, and then we pass on. It will always be like that. Although it is a tad boring and repetitive there awesome things to it. For instance, my birthday is on May 20, and this 2014 I turned 13. Thus I am a teenager. We have these stages in life, baby, child, adolescent/teenager, young adult, desperately tired worker, parent, and so on and so forth. These stages are stages of life and are what we use to gauge and level our selves. Except for Turritopsis Nutricula. That jellyfish lives forever by regenerating it’s cells. That bad boy never improves. Every person on earth is part of the 7 billion population and the aging of the world population shows global health. It helps data on diseases and global issues and what we can do to help with the advancement of the Human race

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