Aging by Abhinav

Aging. Its a process we all go through. We all are born with 306 bones and one cup of blood, go through puberty, jobs, back pains, arthritis, and then we pass on. It will always be like that. Although it is a tad boring and repetitive there awesome things to it. For instance, my birthday is on May 20, and this 2014 I turned 13. Thus I am a teenager. We have these stages in life, baby, child, adolescent/teenager, young adult, desperately tired worker, parent, and so on and so forth. These stages are stages of life and are what we use to gauge and level our selves. Except for Turritopsis Nutricula. That jellyfish lives forever by regenerating it’s cells. That bad boy never improves. Every person on earth is part of the 7 billion population and the aging of the world population shows global health. It helps data on diseases and global issues and what we can do to help with the advancement of the Human race

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Suicide (By: Elias)

Suicide is one of the worlds biggest problems. What is suicide? Well, suicide is when a person takes his or her own life. Why do people commit suicide? Well it may be because of depression, a person close to you die’s, former attempts of suicide, and maybe other reasons. Another way people may attempt to commit suicide is because of other people. Yes, you might be thinking that we do nothing to make people go to the extent to commit suicide but it is true. Different forms of bullying may cause people to feel very depressed. Also, breaking up a close relationship may cause people to feel depressed as well. Another reason people may commit suicide is because they might be very dependent on drugs or alcohol. Usually after a break-up, people turn to alcohol and drugs because they believe it will fix the mental pain. It only makes people lean more towards suicide.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) collects data about mortality in the U.S., including deaths by suicide. In 2010, the CDC got reports of 38,364 suicides in the U.S. Every year approximately 30,000 people in the U.S. die of suicide. Also, approximately 750,000 people attempt to commit suicide in the U.S. So all these figures show that 1 in every 25 people commit suicide. Another surprising fact is that some children under 10 commit suicide as well.

In conclusion, a lot of people in the world commit suicide because many things. Suicide has mad 10th main killing reason in the U.S. Also, people can cause people to commit suicide. For example bullying a person really badly can make them really depressed and make them commit suicide. All people around the world should be aware of people close to them because if they don’t people really depressed might not tell people that they are sad and that they might go to a certain extent. Also, try not to be mean to people because this might make people fell really bad. Also, don’t continuously be mean to people because it might make them feel sad. Everybody in the world should be happy and not think of such horrid things, such as suicide.