Video Games Sofia

Video games can be fun for everyone, but they can also effect you body in a bad way. One bad side affect is that video games can ruin your social life. Imagine playing video games all day non stop. To some people it may seem fun, but really this is terrible for your body. Your body need exercise and go out side. This is relevant because most of us are becoming teenagers and getting into video games. Although we need to also hang out in person with our friends once in a while. Even though video games can be bad for you they can also be really good. Certain video games can improve your motor skills, and your decision making. So overall too much of anything can be bad for you, but it can also benefit you in certain ways. So don’t just sit around and play video games, but go outside a have an active life too!


This video is super cool take the tests and see if you can keep up!

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