Lobotomies – Rura

Lobotomy is a neurosurgical (any surgery that involves the nervous system. Ex. the brain, spinal cord, or peripheral nerves.) procedure that was popular in mental asylums in the early 1940’s, and the mid 1950’s.Lobotomies were a very mainstream procedure,and were often used, and prescribed, even if it had serious side-effects. It was used to cure schizophrenia, severe cases of depression, and any mental disorder involving the frontal cortex.

The procedure consist of removing, or damages parts of the frontal cortex; the part of the brain that holds most behavioral traits, motor skills, and problem solving tactics. This procedure is very dangerous, but if done correctly, and with no problems, the patient would have behavioral changes, and would even be able to live normal lives. If not, it could cause death, brain damage, comas, and vegetative states (impaired consciousness).

There are two ways doctors can preform lobotomies, a prefrontal, and a transorbital lobotomy. These mainly differ on how the doctor accesses the brain.

To preform a prefrontal lobotomy, doctors will drill holes on the side or the top of the head.

Prefrontal Lobotomy Diagram

To preform a transorbital lobotomy, doctors will instead access the frontal cortex through the eye sockets. The thin instrument did not go through the eye, but through the thin bone, under the top eyelid, and the eye socket. It did not leave any scars, but two black eyes. The procedure took less than 10 minutes, and could be done anywhere. It was also proved to produce better results.

Transorbital lobotomy

Transorbital lobotomy

Lobotomies are very popular in the pop culture today. Shown in TV shows, and movies, the spread of this 20th century procedure creates interests to people. I find this topic very interesting, and because of the exposure this topic is having, I think others who get also find this intriguing. Lobotomies are now shown in a brutal light, but at the time that we were popular, it was humane, and people saw nothing wrong about it. I think this shows how the fields of psychology have grown. Now, to cure these disorders a person has, we have anti-psychotics, and less invasive ways to cure these mental illnesses. The popular, but now banned lobotomies have been a very big impact to the psychology fields.

Bullying by Victoria Espinosa

Bullying is like any other person in the dictionary and like every other word it has a meaning.

Using superior strength or influence to intimidate, typically to force hi or her to force him or her to do what one wants.

What is bullying to be exact, is it a form of peer pressure or is it ruthless torture?

Either way it’s no good.

People get bullied for many reasons, the main reason being that they’re seen as a target to the bullies.

Bullying lowers self-esteem, causes depression and often leads to suicide.

Many teens and preteens younger and older alike should not go through bullying but they still do.

What do you think bullying is?