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Food Poisoning is when you eat food that contains harmful bacteria or toxins. The effects of food poisoning can be very threatening because food poisoning can cause serious illnesses and diseases such as nausea, vomiting, watery diarrhoea, abdominal pain, cramps and fever. The effects of food poisoning start after a few hours. Signs that you have food poisoning and that you should see a doctor is if you are vomiting blood, have severe diarrhoea, difficulty speaking, double vision, trouble swallowing or muscle weakness.

Some ways to prevent food poisoning is to make sure your hands are clean when you touch food you will eat. Make sure that you separate raw foods from cooked foods because you might eat the bacteria from the raw food. Make sure that if you wash raw vegetables you clean them with clean mineral water. If you are unsure of a food and am not sure if it is out of date then don’t eat it! You wouldn’t want to test it out.

I learned so much about food poisoning after I researched food poisoning for my health buzz. I have started being much more careful with what I eat and how it is prepared and if it is safe to eat. I think that now a days people are not paying much attention to what and how they eat. I think that everyone needs to understand that food poisoning is not a pleasant thing to have and that it is something that everyone can get.foodPoisoning



Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis (CIPA) by Liz

In the world, there are a few people who cannot feel any pain.They can cut themselves, break their bones, or even burn their own hands and not feel anything. The victims cannot feel any sensations of pain, heat, cold, or any nerve related sensations. This case is extremely rare. In fact, some doctors say it is the rarest disease in the world. There have only been 100 documented cases of people with this kind of disease. Only 17 in the U.S.A. have this.

The reason they cannot feel pain is because they have
Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis, also known as CIPA. Congenital means that the symptoms occur from birth. The signs are noticed usually straight after birth or as infants. Anhidrosis means the body does not sweat – this is because of a mutation in their genes.

CIPA affects the whole body and could lead to serious consequences such as amputations and overheating, which could lead to death. Due to the fact that people cannot feel anything, unintentional self-injury is very common – biting their fingers, tongues, lips, and such. Adding on, a condition called “Charcot injuries,” is seen very frequently in these patients. This is when the bones and tissues surrounding the joints are destroyed because of repeated trauma.
Overheating is the reason why those with the disease die before the age of 3. However, with careful and controlled medication and care, patients may live up to adulthood – those with CIPA have a very unstable life.

The “disorder” is inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern, meaning that it has to do with a mutation in their cells or the cells given by their parent/parents.
In our body, we have a gene called the “NTRK1.” Those with CIPA have mutations in the gene of their cell. The NTRK1 gene is in the chromosome.

I chose to do my Health Buzz on this topic because we are not aware of the diseases that not many people get. Although many diseases are unknown to many of us and none around us are being affected, I think it is important that we are aware of what is affecting others. Also, years of research from doctors show no development or signs for a cure, and maybe someone in our class can one day find the remedy!

 In the photo is Gabby Gingras, one of the only living patients with CIPA. She has a patch over her eye because she had to have it taken out. When she was young, she rubbed her eyes as hard as she could without knowing because she had the disease. When her parents finally saw her eye, it was so badly infected that she had to get it taken out and replaced for a prosthetic eye. She has lived through the death sentence of 3 from this disease!

Gabby Gingras

Gabby Gingras


Air Pollution By Scott

What Causes Air Pollution?

Air Pollution is caused by things like trash and smoke released from gas. It can come from cars and power plants. Most cars these days have diesel which creates less pollution but some still have gas. How Powerplants create pollution is by burning chemicals or items which crates dangerous smoke so it is released into the air creating more pollution.

Why Is It Dangerous?

Gas and Diesel have very dangerous particles and gases when used these substances can give people cancer and asthma which leads to 21,000 deaths a year. Pollution causes many types of diseases. In 2012 7 million people died from Air Pollution and about 200’000 Americans die in America each year.

Why Should We Care?

We should care more about pollution because the more we just leave it alone the more the risk our future could be a dirt planet with skies gray and always wearing masks. It could even kill more and we may not be able to live on Earth anymore. The more we don’t care about pollution the higher the risks of getting diseases.

Effects Of Air Pollution

The effects of air pollution can be really dangerous. One effect which would most likely happen first is coughing. There are gasses like Formaldehyde which can give you cancer, is used to create insulation and pesticide. Particulate Matter comes from the smoke stacks that burn coal and other dangerous chemicals. These gasses are dangerous and can kill you.