Tea- Dreams and Nightmares

Dreams are a series of thoughts or events happening in a person’s mind while sleeping. Dreams can occur when one least expects them and can sometimes be frightening; these dreams are called Nightmares. Nightmares are usually based on fear but can also be caused by embarrassment, anger and anxiety. They are not the same as dreams. They tend to linger during the day. Have you ever seen a person’s eyes moving while they are asleep? That usually means that they are having a very vivid nightmare. When people have reoccurring Nightmares they start feeling insecure. Symptoms are;

-Suicidal Thoughts

-Depression or Anxiety

– Sleep avoidance which could lead to sleep problems

– Disturbed sleep episodes

Dreams happen so your brain can remember the things that happened during that day. Even if it hasn’t been proven evidence points that it is true.

Dreams can sometimes mean things. Did you ever have that falling sensation right when you’re about to fall asleep? Well, that dream usually means that you’re feeling insecure or very anxious. You might feel like you’re failing at something. Being chased can mean that you’re running away from problems that you might’ve caused. Did you ever fly in your dreams? Well, that’s good because it means you’re confident and on-top of things.

I chose this topic because it has always interested me how dreams work and if they mean anything. I wanted to inform people that if one is having recurring dreams your brain is probably trying to tell you something. Listen to it.

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