I chose this topic, because sometimes, I be really negative, and I think a lot of teenagers tend to be negative.

What are negative people like? Negative people are often afraid to try new things, because they are scared to fail. They have really low self-esteem and they don’t find any strengths about themselves. They take everything in negative ways. For example, even if you make positive comments to them, but their response is really negative.

What are some problems negativity can cause? Negativity can cause many health problems such as stress, depression, stroke and heart attack. Also, negativity could break your relationships with others, because a lot of people don’t like it when you are being negative. Talking with negative people is not very fun for a lot of people. They might want to stop talking with you or being friends with you. Negativity could also affect how long you will live.

How to stop being negative? To avoid being negative, you should be surrounded by people who are very positive, because people around you can influence you a lot. Stop complaining about others, and start finding good things about people. This helps you to avoid being negative, because when you find good things about someone, your opinion about them will change in a positive way, and you will learn how to think positively. Do what you want. Negative people are often negative, because they don’t do what they want. This helps you, because if you do what you want, you can be happy. Give yourself a break. It doesn’t make anything better if you blame yourself when you make a mistake. Set one small, specific, achievable goal and write it down,             because  negative people aren’t making any progress. Positive people always have a goal for them and trying to achieve it.

Why is being positive so important? If you be positive, you can live longer. Some people say that positive people can  live about 10 years longer than negative people. So, they have a better life than negative people. Also, positive people are more social and have more friends. It can keep your heart healthy. Negative people have negative thought and ideas in their brain and it’s bad for your health.

How did my thinking change? I thought there aren’t  really a lot of way to avoid being negative, and thought that it’s kind of hard to be positive. But now I know that there are a lot of solutions that seems pretty easy and I realized that being positive is not very hard.


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