Loving Yourself: Tanvi

I personally think that loving yourself ties in a lot with the topic of respect that we just learned about. Loving yourself is basically respecting yourself, but more direct, I suppose. I think it’s sad to know that some people have a hard time talking about things they love about themselves, as opposed to naming their flaws. I can personally relate to this topic a lot because of some situations I was faced upon with in life. I also think that people generally with low self esteem are usually the ones that stumble along this pathway, and think negatively about themselves. Same with teenagers – often times, comparing ourselves to others, and bringing ourselves down, is what a lot of teenagers do.

I learned that loving yourself ties a lot in with many aspects of wellness – respect, self-esteem, emotional health, and much more. Some of the problems if people don’t love themselves, are that people try to hurt themselves in such a way, that other people get hurt with them. Because often times, many people have a hard time loving themselves the way they are, they try to change themselves for other people, which is not the right thing to do. People should be happy with what they are, and shouldn’t try to change themselves for other people’s happiness!Blog post

I learned a lot from this topic, but most of all, my thinking changed, because now, I think that everyone is different. People can change how they want other people to perceive them to be, but everyone is still very different and individual in their own way. I’m a firm believer that everyone in this world is beautiful in their own way. So keep your head up, and remind yourself that you’re worth everything you have. I hope that my presentation to the class wasn’t as cheesy as I thought it would be (which I still think it was). I hope you enjoyed my presentation and found the topic as interesting as I did!


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