Sleepwalking – Sandra

Sleepwalking, also known as somnambulism, is a behavior disorder that happens to a person during deep sleep. This results in walking or performing other complex actions while asleep.

Symptoms of sleepwalking vary. It ranges from sitting up and quietly walking around the room, to nervous running and attempts to “escape”. Sleepwalkers have been known to talk, eat, call someone over the phone and even drive long distances all while asleep and not remember anything the following morning. Waking a sleepwalker can trigger violent attacks or an absent response.

Though I don’t know anyone that has this disorder, topics on sleep have has always fascinated me. I find it interesting because even scientists don’t know exactly what goes on in the human brain when asleep.

I think that it is important because this disorder is commonly overlooked and teenagers might not take it as seriously as they should. Sleepwalking can be very dangerous (cases of death) and is not usually diagnosed to someone unless it is very serious. One of the biggest causes of sleepwalking is sleep deprivation and when your a teenager, stress becomes a normal feeling. Stress leads to sleep derivation and then into sleepwalking. 154452003Creating a more established and regular sleeping pattern will lessen the chances of sleepwalking. Researching this topic has helped me learn much more about sleep and sleeping disorders. Because this disorder is more common in children and teenagers, I feel that is is an important topic to know about.

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