Tetanus is a bacteria the enters your body, it produces a toxin that creates painful muscle contractions. Tetanus usually happens because of a skin wound. Which infected by a bacteria called Colostrum tetani. This forces muscle spasm and can tear the muscle or even give spinal fractures. Tetanus is curing problem in the world that most people do not treat this seriously. Tetanus is a major problem in developing countries because of lack vaccination. Tetanus can come from any where, you can get cut or wounded at any time and it is unpredictable. You should always be where of your surrounding and should consult a doctor when you get wounded just in case. Tetanus can lead to other sicknesses such as pneumonia. You have to get booster shots every 10 years the shots include: D Tap, Tdap, DT, and TD. D tap and DT are given to children younger than seven and Tdap and TD to older children, teenagers and adults. I had taken booster shots and I had minor cuts but likely I had been vaccinated. Booster shot do have side affects though, a booster shot and give your high fever, head aches etc.


Elevated blood pressure
increased heart rate
muscle spasms
tighten muscles
Other symptoms are

Stiffness in your neck muscles
Stiffness in your jaw
Hard time swallowing
several minutes of muscle spasms triggered by minor things such as loud noise, physical touch, and light

Interesting fact

If a wound gets contaminated by animal feces or manure chances you have tetanus

Tetanus is all so called lockjaw because you neck and jaw stiffens

You hard time swallowing

More facts
In Canada only 4 people have for tetanus since 1980
You get whole body spasm when you are disturbed
Tetanus can cause broken bones!
can cause skin sores

You should watch out, be careful and don’t try any thing dangerous or harm full. This is a serous issue that should not be treated lightly.

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