Jennifer- Benefits of sleeping


How is this issue relevant to you? Why is it important?

I’m a person! Sleeping is a great big part of my life just like food and water, one of my basic needs to survive life. Its what I do when i’m tired or sleepy and its what me and everyone else are suppose to do at night. Sleep is very healthy for our bodies, minds, muscles blood everything! People who sleep at least 8 and a half hours have more luck to having a chance of a longer lifespan but unfortunately some people just don’t want to sleep much or they do but would rather do other stuff. Sleeping is extremely important! Maybe you can skip food for 2 months but you can only skip sleep for 11 days or even less, who knows? Don’t try it though. Sleep can benefit you in many ways and help you in all sort of stuff.

What does this have to do with teenagers?

Teens need to sleep so that they can maintain a healthy and fit personality. While we sleep we relax ourselves from all the pressure we have had all day. Research shows that many teens do not get the sleep they need, and we need to change this. So why we probably stay up late? Well maybe you’re out late or you’re in bed but hanging out online, talking to friends or even reading or making something or you might even be finishing up your homework. Having a curfew can help you a lot, it gives you a time in which you need to be home by. But when your home you start doing other stuff causing you to want to stay up late. So a solution to that is an hour or thirty minutes before bedtime put away your things that cause you to stay up late. But sometimes you’re up late because your finishing an assignment that your suppose to turn in the next day, and so the solution to that is to not procrastinate. Or maybe if you’re just having trouble sleeping you could just think deep about something or you could try to close your eyes or you could listen to the silence around you or count backwards from a number or say the Abc’s backwards.

Benefits of Sleeping

• Makes you feel better

• Gives you a longer lifespan

• You would improve your memory

• better creativity

• Think faster

• You would be in a good mood

• Less stress

• Better Athlete cause more stamina

• Improves your grades

• Sharper attention

• have a healthy weight

• lower risk of injury

What did you learn about this issue?

I learnt that there are more and more reasons to sleep. Not only does it benefit you in your growth, but does also benefit you physically socially and emotionally and mentally. I never knew that sleeping was such a maine part of my life. I also never knew that it could affect so much of your life.

What is your final opinion about this issue?

I do believe that sleeping should be a priority in everybody’s lives. People can give more time to sleep instead of staying up all night drinking coffee and all that stuff that keep you awake. There are more and more reasons to sleep, and the positive reasons win by majority compare to the negative reasons. I also think that people should monitor their sleep more often and pay attention to how many hours it was and then ask themselves if they should sleep more or sleep less, because of course too much sleep is not good too.

How has your thinking changed?

I use to think it was fine for me to stay up and then sleep for like two hours before I go to school but now I know that it is not healthy at all to just sleep for two of three hours I have decided to do my best effort on sleeping for at least 8 hours a night. I also used to think that sleeping was just optional and that people sleep because they are lazy and don’t like staying awake but now I know that it actually helps us a lot in everything we do. Now I think we should all try our bests to sleep at least 8 and a half hours a day.