Allergies are an important thing to me because I myself have allergies. I am allergic to dust, and that’s why I always get allergic reactions wherever I go. And because of this, I wanted to inform, and warn other people about this topic. Moving on, Allergies affect teenagers because allergies tend to appear when we are pre-teens, we have to suffer the effects during our teenage years(also because allergies tend to go away as we become adults). Also, I know a lot of people in our grade that hold food allergies with nuts, meats, etc. So I want to help them know better about this topic. Furthermore, when I studied this topic I never knew before that how people get allergies were so complicated. This is how we get allergies:¬†When a body is exposed to something that is seemingly harmless, for some reason the body tries act against the seemingly harmless thing. The first exposure causes our bodies to produce IgE, and these IgE attach themselves to cells/tissues in the body. At a second exposure, some of the allergen bind with these IgE and causes problems, what we know as Allergies. My final opinion on this topic is quite negative, because allergies can’t be that good. (This topic was totally new to me!)


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  1. Wow, I didn’t know allergies happen like that! I wonder why our body reacts that way to seemingly harmless things?

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