Youssouf/Ilegal Drugs

The subject I am going to address are illegal drugs.


It is important to know the effects in order to make smart choices in the future on not using these harmful drugs.

I picked this issue because it is a huge worldwide problem around the world destroying peoples lives and hurting the innocent people.The people who use this in order to make money.

This issue affects about 30% of teenagers who smoke marijuana and I learned that from one of my resources that I found while researching.

Some intersecting facts are:

  1. 30% of teenagers smoke marijuana
  2. Meth users undergo rapid weight loss
  3. Cocaine increases heart rate and blood pressure while constricting the lungs.

I believe that these drugs cause things that shouldn’t happen until later in your life like a heart attack.

In conclusion illegal drugs need to be stopped and never used and if you don’t use drugs and can lead to a much more healthier and happier life.


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