Navshaid Bhandari- Scoliosis

Scoliosis of the spine, artwork

Scoliosis is a curved spine. Most of the time the spine with scoliosis looks like an “S” or “C”.  Scoliosis is extremely dangerous if left undiagnosed. Some dangers include cardiorespiratory problems and damaged spine joints.

This issue affects teenagers because during your teen years serious symptoms start to appear, as there might be physical problems with the body bending forward or sideways, depending upon the direction of the scoliosis, and if left unattended or no timely medical attention provided, sometimes causing permanent body damage. I learnt that Scoliosis is a medical mystery; no one knows the source of the condition. Also, due to the curved spine, your whole skeleton has to adapt to the spine and gets deformed in the process. Scoliosis is an important issue because it can sometimes even cause a shortened life span if too severe.

Depending on the severity of scoliosis, the treatments vary from regular checkups to getting braces on your back. In extreme cases, surgery is required. An interesting fact I learnt about scoliosis is that no one knows the exact cause of it. I think scoliosis is an extremely dangerous condition that needs immediate attention and more awareness. People don’t realize that this condition is fatal if left untreated.

In conclusion, I chose this topic because I have scoliosis and I wanted more people to know about it and help increase their awareness. The best way to diagnose scoliosis is to have regular checkups so that treatment can start instantly, at the earliest.

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