Yeahjun Heo-Game Addiction

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Today’s topic is… Game addiction!!

Do you like games? Or love it? Like and love are different things. Back on topic. I personally think that video games are actually fun since Pokemon is considered a video game. But there is sometimes when people get addicted to it. It sound crazy but, some people won’t agree with me. So I will show you what game addiction is.

I would like to ask you a question if I may, what do you do at home? I usually do my homework first. But all those homework would lead to the computer. So for me, I would be using the computer. This would affect you in your teenage life and further on to your adult hood. And as a teenager who is still growing, your bones can be easily damaged and could cause neck pain, back pain, and other spine related symptoms.

From the start of my kindergarten life as a game lover, I knew it would be bad to play for a long period of time, but I couldn’t resist it! This issue is spreading all over the world targeting children to adults. The high quality images from games nowadays are being one reason for this addiction. There is other issue like people who can’t control themselves and people who will feel satisfied only when playing games. It’s like you want to do your homework but you can’t because your mind is focused on video games, but if you do your homework, you will get serious headaches and would be depressed.

Some problems and solutions can be:

  • If you spend too much time on the computer, you should limit your time on the computer.
  • If you spend money and you regret your purchases, it’s to late. Next time, just think before you buy or purchase a game or item in a game.
  • If you feel neck and back pain, you should get up and stretch or just take a walk outside.
  • If you feel like your eyes are drying up, you should put some eye drops and read. Just get off the computer.
  • If you can’t control yourself, get some help from your family or go see a doctor.

My final opinion of game addiction is that not only games make up an addiction. If you look at the modern world of social networking, you might find out that Facebook is making a great impact on some serious “friends” on Facebook. In Korea, a lot of families would not agree on making a Facebook account because it’s to dangerous and it will  be a distraction in your learning.

My thinking did not change since I moved to Korea in 2nd grade where grades were the most important thing. At that time, I had to go through a lot of trouble because of my love of games. As my mother says,” There is more harm than good in games.” I hope all game lovers in 7th grade might have changed their thoughts and opinions about games and good luck to every other people, too.