Ellie – Benefits of Playing Sport

How is this issue relevent to you? Why is it important?

Playing sport and exercising is a really important part of my life, and many other kids as well . Kid’s who play sport are more likely to become amore mature physically active adult, but unfortunately some kid’s don’t play enough! Playing sport and exercising is an extremely important, and can benefit you in many ways, from as little as carrying your backpack to keeping your body happy and healthy. In todays generation, the number of children who exercise and play sport has dramatically reduced in the past 10 years. 40% of children in Australia do not play sport and barely exercise, and more than half of those kids are obese or overweight.

Benefits of Exercising and Playing Sport:

– Improved cardiovascular fitness

– Reduced risks of heart disease and osteoporosis

– Discipline and hard work from training and being in teams

– Better coordination, flexibility, balance and endurance

– Improves sleeping patterns

– Happy Endorphins

– Higher self-esteem, trust, sportsmanship and confidence from team sports

– Less stress, more organized

– Burning fat

– Enhances thinking and learing skills


What does this have to do with teenagers?

Teens need to exercise so they can maintain their mental and physical health. Research shows that the our generation is the laziest and unhealthiest, we need to change this. Picking an active activity that you enjoy will make you want to continue it regularly, which means that you can stay healthy by doing something that you enjoy, and not something you dred. Parents input is also important, giving your child encouragement and giving them limits on video games and other screen activity is vital.

What did you learn about this issue?

I learnt that there are more and more reasons to exercise and play sport, not only does it benefit you physically and mentally, but also socially and emotionally.

What is your final opinion about this issue?

I believe that exercising and playing sport should be a priority in everbody’s lives, it can be major like playing for a pro sports team or as little as going for a morning jog each day. There are more and more reasons to exercise, and the positives outweigh the negatives.

How has your thinking changed?

I used to think that exercise was popular amoung kids my age, but now I’ve realised that kids are getting lazier and lazier, so thats a sign for us to pick up on our act and become active and healthy kids!



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