Apoorv- HIV AIDS

The topic I am going to talk about today is HIV AIDS. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. AIDS is an important cause of illness and death, AIDS also drags down the economic development of highly affected countries. Its consequences for affected individuals and families are extreme. It is also an incurable disease and thus those who get it die no matter what. I picked this topic because AIDS is a very dangerous disease and a lot of people are affected by it. AIDS happens because of blood. When one persons blood goes into another persons body, there is a high chance they might get AIDS.
Does it affect teenagers?
Yes because HIV AIDS affects everyone who has it. The virus attacks the immune system of a person and thus weakens it. This makes the person vulnerable to any disease. So, people don’t die of AIDS, but of other diseases that they get because of AIDS. This results in death and a person doesn’t get to live the life they always dreamed. Also, they live their whole life knowing they will die soon. I learned that HIV AIDS does not kill people. It is other diseases that do. AIDS just allows them to attack a persons body by weakening their immune system.
In conclusion, this is important for all of you to know because AIDS is a lethal disease and cannot be cured. So I would like to tell you how to be safe from it. AIDS can happen during child birth and there is nothing that can be done abut this. But, when you go to get an injection, make sure they use a new needle because maybe he person before had AIDS and was a carrier. Also when getting your hair shaved make sure your barber does not use a razor, especially one that has been used before. Also, having unprotected sex can result in you or the other person getting AIDS. So be safe!